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Why Drone Law?

Why a Drone Law practice?

The ability to remotely observe areas otherwise inaccessible due to cost, noise, or physical dangers makes drones - also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs - a remarkable technology. However, privacy concerns as well as the possible danger of uncontrolled UAVS due to loss of signal causing personal injury or property damage make this a new area for the application of existing laws as well as the opportunity for new laws to be crafted.

Firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli has been following drone development and first-person viewing "FPV" radio controlled model aircraft for several years. Developments in late 2013 and early 2014 made clear a need existed for niche legal practitioners with flexible thinking to help drone manufacturers and commercial business users comply with the law, as well as manage the risks of a new legal frontier.

Antonelli Law will leverage its business, litigation, intellectual property, insurance law, and employment law experience as well as co-counsel relationships in patent, securities law, and FAA regulations to grow our new practice area. We have helped entrepreneurs launch their companies and provide full services from LLC formation and capital acquisition. The addition of client start-up companies in the
the commercial drone/UAV/UAS space is a fit that is right at home.

Chicago is a hotbed of technical expertise and venture capital, and major tech players including Google and incubators like 1871 recognize the talent pool and infrastructure here. To the extent that federal law including FAA regulations apply Antonelli Law's Drone Law practice will be national in scope. Stop by often as this website will grow with news and legal developments.

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