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A History of Success

Past performance is not a guarantee of a positive outcome for your particular matter.

Drone/UAS Practice Group

Launched one of the first "drone law" legal practices in the country to provide legal guidance and representation to drone/UAS manufacturers and operators. 

BitTorrent Copyright Defense

Represented more than 300 clients targeted by copyright trolls and satellite piracy trolls.    

For-Profit Vocational Schools

Successfully prosecuted numerous mass and class action claims against for-profit vocational schools, resulting in substantial settlements for hundreds of student clients.

Enforcement of Judgments

Successfully uncovered complex fraud involving defendant in federal post-judgment proceedings that attempted to conceal millions of dollars in assets through fraudulent transfer of a land trust and establishing fraudulent companies in family members' names.

Consumer Fraud

Successfully prosecuted and settled on favorable terms unlicensed City of Chicago HVAC contractor who allegedly defrauded client with an expensive bill of repair for substandard services.

Commercial Tenancy

Successfully defended countersuit by commercial tenant for alleged damages relating to enforcement of distress for rent warrant.

Property and casualty claims

Successfully settled hundreds of claims my personal injury and property damage claimants, and litigated statutory insurance claims.

Educational Malfeasance

Obtained settlement on favorable terms for PhD student client, who was wrongfully denied continuation into doctoral thesis portion of degree program after successful completion of rigorous oral examinations. Client previously earned two Master's degree prior to entry into this highly competitive program of study, and it was shown that impermissible non-academic reasons factored into the school's dismissal of client.

IT Law

Successfully negotiated million dollar contract dispute between computer maintenance support provider and Storage Tek (STK). Storage Tek, a large player in the silo storageand tape backup and field, was later acquired by Sun Microsystems, Inc. which was later acquired by Oracle.

Developed employee agreements for software programmers.

Appellate Advocacy

Successfully briefed position for State Farm insured barring opponent’s rejection of arbitration award. (Hartford v. Nyc and Sobotka 1-01-3135, (1st Dist 2002).

Obtained Appellate court mandate reversing trial court's dismissal of Chicago transit Authority (CTA) claim, which the trial court based on the failure to include the treating physician's name in statutory notice to CTA, rather than merely disclosing treatment of injury to Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. (1st Dist 2002)
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